Anonymous Press Release About Attacking Turkish PM’s Network

This message is to inform public about Anonymous Turkey regarding hacking of office of prime minister website. As you all know. when the news broke out on 07/03/2012 on Hurriyet News paper it became instants viral news on all news agents word by word. This news nothing but a conspiracy to cover and disgrace the group and make them out to common and aimless hackers in order to cover their faults and short comings. The story line and the way it continued don’t make sense. As if they copied the article word by word from each other. (Although nobody is tweeting about this issue on Twitter, It is still one of the trend topics.) As the Anonymous stated: We are the defender of the truth and injustice in the world . we have no reason to attack and hack prime ministerial website. We the OPERATION DIGITURK aimed to punish those who are censorship and their controllers. We the people have right to chose and free speech. In this instance office of prime minister is not our target! We are Anonymous, We are Legion We do not forgive, We do not forget, Expect Us!

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