Anonymous Set Sights on Censorship Giant Canipre

images Over the past few years Internet censorship has become a really hot topic, one that is touchy to talk about, one that has many mixed messages  about the do and don’t. One of the company’s behind the push for Internet censorship is Canipre( and they have now become targets of anonymous hacktivist who are angry over the fact that Canipre has allegedly been capturing millions of The Pirate Bay torrent users Ip Address and they plan to pursue them for illegal downloading contents.

Canipre provides internet based anti-piracy solutions to the domestic and international entertainment markets. Our programs utilize advanced technologies and investigative techniques to mitigate piracy loss resulting from the illegal distribution of digitized content. Canipre incorporates the same media technologies that distribute digitized content through P2P and File Sharing Networks. With our constant involvement in the piracy wars since the litigation of Napster we are pioneers at the forefront of the internet anti-piracy initiative.

The announcement has just come today from @PrOtOn_An0n twitter account. > Anonymous ‏@PrOtOn_An0n @Canipre OH whats that? Your d0x?  | We are legion.

The document is a complete dox of personal information on the people behind Canipre. The dox also claims that hacktivist using ddos methods have taken down the site. At time of publishing the site appeared to be suffuring some sort of attack as it was timing out and unreachable 9 outta 10 times requested. oops-google-chrome-could-not-connect-to-canipre-com_ In the dox release comes the following message which explains why Canipre is being targeted.

Don’t fuck with torrents or the pirate bay. It’s plain and simple, you people have been warned again and again not to fuck around with torrenting services and try to go after torrenters. Commencing Operation Canipre. Reason: Over the past 5 months Canipre has apparently collected the IP addresses of over 1 million individuals suspected of online copyright infringement, and thanks to a recent favorable court ruling, it has plans to go after them in the near future. Do these people know who they are fucking with? They’ve just gone and stuck their big fat noses in shit they have no idea about, and in turn gotten themselves noticed by the hive. Also, Canipre have been helping sony, Another target of Anonymous.

So as you can see they are clearly set at going after this company for helping other targets of anonymous past and present operations. The document also claims that the owner of Canipre has made fake alias’s up online in an attempt to hide themselves which makes one wonder, what have they got to hide. The information and wording on the canipre website is pretty "big headed" in my own personal opion, they very upfront about the ability to catch people breaking the so called internet laws with statements like "The bad guys pick up the phone when we call.". So with past operations in the same nature turning out very bad for company’s its any wonder what is in store for Canipre over the coming weeks/months/years.

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