Anonymous Sets Target for UFC’s Dana White

Dana White, made a grave mistake, taking on the Internet hacktivisit giant, anonymous asking them to bring it on. Well as a result Dana White has now had all his personal details leaked online and been harassed like nothing else to a point he started fighting back and now has just gone quiet. content/images/gallery/random3/twitter-danawhite-youranonnews-and-yes-cowa.png So what does this show us? That Anonymous is not the type of people you can challenge so easy and get away with it. Surely many other have publicly spoken about anonymous in a bad way and as a result they have also become victims of harassment and Doxing. content/images/gallery/random3/twitter-danawhite-youranonnews-and-yes-cowa.png This saga seems to of started when anon attacked and hacked the UFC website and as a result Dana has come out challenging them to do it again, after this twitter blew up and so did Dana’s account with hate flowing in from many people as well as some standing on the Dana white side. Now we at cwn do not agree with doxing of any type so we will not be publishing these but we can say  it was his full details and it has since emerged now that even his family details are starting to be leaked online. It also shows, once again how powerful social media truly is, even to "big names" like Dana White who has close to 2million followers watching this saga.

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