Anonymous starts to reveal KKK members’ details in #OpKKK

Samburaj Das reports:

Anonymous has made good on its threat to expose KKK members on the internet to reveal phone numbers and emails of alleged KKK members.

Activist collective Anonymous has long had a feud with members of the radical Ku Klux Klan. There is a history there. Recently, Anonymous threatened to dox a thousand members of the KKK, unhooding them publicly in cyberspace.


So far, there have been three pastes, all linked from @YourAnonNews’ Twitter account. The first paste contains two email addresses associated and 10 phone numbers without names or additional details. The second paste contains an 800- phone number, 10 phone numbers without names, and another email address. The third paste contains more phone numbers and 21 email addresses, the majority of which are on .ru domains.

Note that not all the phone numbers are registered to individuals, but one of the numbers checked using reverse phone lookup was reported to be associated with the KKK by someone on who reported getting a call from the number which he described as KKK – “threatening.”

Some of the information in the pastes does not appear to be new, as at least one number checked by had been leaked before following Ferguson with the individual’s full name, address, credit card details, etc.

Note: In a fourth paste that actually preceded the three noted above, “Amped Attacks” (@sgtbilko420 on Twitter) released the names of nine politicians – four U.S. Senators and five mayors – whose email addresses showed up in KKK databases he claims to have hacked.  Amped Attacks does not provide their email or postal addresses, or phone numbers, and the basis for him declaring them part of KKK or a supporter of them is that he can seemingly come up with no reason for their email to be in a KKK database unless they’re a member or a support.

In addition to the paste, Amped Attacks has also taken down some KKK sites, with evidence provided in his tweet stream. In one tweet, he declared that he is not part of Anonymous but respects #OpKKK.

Update:  See Anonymous denies releasing incorrect Ku Klux Klan member information on The Guardian.

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