Anonymous Sweden Expose Wanted Animal Abuser

The following content contains disturbing material and is not support or condoned by us at all, if you have a weak gut please move on to the next post now. From anonymous Sweden, translated to english, see orginal here Anonymous Confirm: Carina Sjödahl. Carina lives there with his brother Claes Zimmander. Carina is sought after as a woman in a network engaged in bestiality. IE they buy a puppy and train to be used in rape movies with animals. Her brother is a convicted pedophile and child living in the era of rich municipality. Animal Rights Alliance has offered a reward of 25,000 to anyone who can identify this woman who lives in Järpen Dox: Carina Sjödahl aka Zeny. This is ‘Zeny’ Carina Sjödahl 19730428-4164 Strandvägen 14 apartments 1003 830 05 Järpen She also takes her dogs too shows. Want to Know Their Names? Take a look: "Ztarleader", "Ztarstrike" Ztargirl "et.c. Here are a link to a forum she is active on: (warning nasty contents) Her email: [email protected] Her forms home page and forums, she is Supposed to Have A new one now.

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