Anonymous: Turkish government cracks down on Twitter ‘hacktivists’ over leak of police data

Jason Murdock reports:

The Turkish government has retaliated against a number of Twitter profiles that posted links to a compromised database stolen from a national police server. The users, which includes two Anonymous-affiliated accounts, sent out notifications to millions of followers containing a direct link to a huge 17.8GB-sized trove of sensitive data earlier this month.

One account now blocked in Turkey is the notorious @CthulhuSec, which in the past has been used by the Anonymous hacking collective to spread leaks across the web, including the contents of a database reportedly stolen from a major US-based police union in January. On 25 February, the user of @CthulhuSec was sent a notice by Twitter outlining how the Turkish government was taking steps to block a slew of accounts related to hacktivism and data dumps. True to form, @CthulhuSec decided to post everything online.

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