Is Anonymous up to its old tricks

It has been a while since i posted but today i noticed a post on reddit that got my attention, mainly because it was linked to a anonymous twitter account who in the past has not had the best reputation for honesty.

The incident is related to the claimed hack and leak of information on Ajit Varadaraj Pai, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, who has recently come under mass media attention over recent plans to scrap Obama-era net neutrality protections and is ignoring many angry protesters who have been covering his residence with cardboard and hassling him online.

The claimed leak of information was posted to twitter by AnonymousNox and contained Ajit’s current home residence address, two phone numbers, his age, at time of publishing this it was still pinned to the account. An anonymous based news site has published an article on this and titled it as "Anonymous Hacked FCC Database And Released Ajit Pai Personal Information", within the article is a link to a paste by pastebin user AnonIntelSec. The paste which was posted on December the 15th but has since been removed from pastebin but not google caches contained public details of people who work for the FCC. The personal of Ajit that got posted have been posted various times online in the passed months making none of this fresh or useful information, once again it appears some of the anonymous collective is up to its old tricks.

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