Anonymous, who are they and what do they do

anonymouslogo Anonymous has grown to be known and seen as the worlds largest hacktivist group that doesn’t have a simple administration, set rule book, or classed leaders by acts in what could be considered a orderly fashion that’s well coordinated . Anonymous is made up of anyone. The attacks that anonymous has carried out over the years have gained more and more media attention that to the point now in 2011 we see it as a every day headline some where in the world. These attacks that are carried out are normally in a very well planned operation towards a certain subject or problem. These operations can range from anything like the Orlando Operation to the said to be menacing Anti Security Operation, of coarse there has been many more over years with big and small governments being attacks, defaced, exposed. Anonymous has targets like hbGary Federal, master card,Sony and even Malaysian governments down to Zimbabwe and Tunisia . In recent times we have seen a group called LulzSec, this group went on a 50day spree then merged back into anonymous to carry on the anti security operation, from this we have seen huge leaks of data and defacing of complete police networks. This data they have leaked is personal information about police, emails, documents and much more vital information. Anonymous use the social media to get the point across and it works very well, with it being a very "hot" topic throughout many networks and news rooms, in fact this website was created due to the hype of it. Reasons for Anonymous operations is a bit over the place from operation to operation but for such a large scale group to be in such control of the Internet is a very powerful tool. Doing basic searches for anonymous on twitter/facebook finds crazy amount of users and a even more crazy amount of content. With backing support for wikileaks anonymous is a army, an army that is winning this world cyber war, some times classed as world war III, but i wouldn’t go that far to say such a thing. Sure allot of innocent people may get hurt in the cross fire but hey, our governments hurt them as well. They leave them open to attacks from many sources, they illegally spy on them, they allow large company’s to take advantage of them so it seems that the only way the world can have peace at mind that our governments and politics are doing the right thing is by weeding out the crap and leaking data. Does anonymous make a difference? I think so. they scare whole country’s and millions of users around the world, this is a good thing it raise’s computer security awareness and makes people think twice about doing corruption. Anonymous the terrorist group? its been said that America has classed anonymous as cyber terrorist, does this mean for tapping away at a keyboard they will get hung like Saddam? My thoughts I really think the world needs a complete look at, we turn blind eyes to this crap every day and follow main media and then end up being drawn into a stupid rat race to figure the truth out. If u find this wrong or misleading please contact us asap so we can fix it.

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