Another 2007 breach?

In reading a report by Sandra Yi on the U. of Utah breach, it appears that there was another breach last year that had not been reported in the chronologies on this site.  Yi reports:

The theft could have been intentional, but the sheriff’s office says it also could have been that whoever broke into the car didn’t know what they had.

That was case in April of last year when a house painter found hundreds of medical records in an alleyway between some homes in Salt Lake City. Those records also contained sensitive information, including Social Security numbers, the patients’ occupations and insurance information.

Those records belonged to an independent physicians’ group which provided ER services at St. Mark’s Hospital. A coder, who prepares billing information, took the records home and they were stolen from her car. All the records were recovered.

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The 2007 breach chronologies will be updated to reflect this incident in the next update.

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