Another australian government website hacked and defaced by @Op_Australia

anonymous-and_-jnet-continuing-the_-lulz_ Early last week a newer operation sprung up within Australia. The operation is dubbed #OpAustralia and has been started in light of the recent security changes our government has proposed. Last week a sunshine coast website was attacked and the administration were fighting with the hackers who still had access via the coldfusion based admin panel but then it was removed and the attack stopped. The most recent attack is on another Queensland government based website and the defacement contains the same message as last time.

T h e J o k e N e t w o r k – Continuing the lulz since 2o12 :. : : : Welcome, Australian boys and girls. : : You may have heard about the proposed National Security changes. : : : : You probably don’t like them. We certainly don’t. : : : : Do you like the idea of surrendering your passwords or people spying on your : : Facebook or Twitter accounts? : : : : Nope, we didn’t think you did. : : : : Your government seems to think that everyone in Australia is a terrorist. : : : : Do you still want to believe in your paranoid leaders? : : If we were Australian, we sure wouldn’t… : : : : @Op_Australia ~ #opAustralia : : You should of EXPECTED us Australia! More to come! BE PREPARED! : : We are Anonymous. We are also the Joke Network. : : We are Legion. We are continuing the lulz. : :. Expect us. Both of us. .: :………………………………………………………………….: :.. ascii header+layout and this whole page by s! of jnet in july 2012 ..:

The site was not still defaced at time of publishing.

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