Another day, another litigation threat

I am really out of patience for people threatening me or my site. Look at this one:

I need to you get rid of an article off of your website: The link is:

Steffan Dalsgaard is not guilty of these allegations, no one except your website has accused him of hacking the state of Nevada. Nevada has not accused him of hacking their systems and he does not know who placed this article which slanders him.

If you do not cooperate and delete this article then I will assign this to an attorney.

Thank you

Daniel Rapaport (on behalf of Steffan Dalsgaard)


[email protected]

Now this wasn’t Daniel’s first email to me about Steffan Dalsgaard. He had sent an identical email back in March  from a different email address with the subject line “From a libable victim.” I had answered that email politely explaining why the post would not be removed. So now Daniel emailed me yet again with the same claims and same threat? This time, I will answer him publicly:

In-house legal counsel prefers outdoors.

Go right ahead and assign it to an attorney, Daniel. Your email has been assigned to my in-house counsel while I go grab some popcorn.

As I told you politely back in March: did not accuse Steffan Dalsgaard of anything. The site published a press release  issued by CYTTA Corp. – as indicated at the bottom of that post where it says, “SOURCE: CYTTA CORP.”

That same press release also appeared, and remains, on numerous sites, including FoxNews12 in Las Vegas.

The press release also corresponds to CYTTA’s 8-K filing with the SEC in 2014, which states, in part:

Item 5.01 Changes in Control of Registrant.

With regard to the current Directors and Officers of Cytta, we wish to correct certain disclosure in the 8K prepared by Mr. Mailander on Oct 3rd, 2014 wherein it states “As at September 30, 2014, Mr. John Dinovo resigned his position with the Company as Chief Technology Officer and Director, and Mr. Erik Stephenson[sic] resigned his position as President of the Company. Mr. Gary Campbell also resigned as Chief Executive Officer.”  None of these resignations occurred, nor were Jens Dalsgaard, Steffan Dalsgaard, Vanessa Luna, or Jamison Moore ever elected to the Board or as Offices of Cytta.  The Cytta Board and Officers have been and continue to be Gary Campbell, Director, CEO, CFO, Secretary, Erik Stephansen Director, President, and John Dinovo Director, CTO.

The Merger Agreement provided in clause 2.0 ‘Closing Deliveries’ that various documents would be provided including, Counsel for EraStar’s legal opinion prior to any Board changes.  To date EraStar and its principals have provided none of these documents. Mr. Mailander was never able to deliver the required documents and/or legal opinion.  Accordingly the signature on the Form 8k by Jens Dalsgaard indicating the he is Chairman and CEO of Cytta is incorrect.

The Cytta Board and Officers have been and continue to be Gary Campbell, Director, CEO, CFO, Secretary, Erik Stephenson, Director, President, and John Dinovo Director, CTO.

If Steffan Dalsgaard didn’t like CYTTA’s press release or their 8-K SEC filing, he had remedies available to him. You threatening my site 2+ years later on his behalf is not among those remedies. If you had additional information to submit as an update or for a correction, you could have submitted it. Instead, you just attempted to intimidate me into removing a post.

So, Daniel, how’s that strategy working out for you and Steffan Dalsgaard so far?

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  1. Mayme - May 26, 2017

    Thanks for standing your ground and principals.

  2. joe - May 26, 2017

    To Daniel Rapaport, you’re nothing more than an internet troll trying to scare people by threatening them with libel lawsuits.

    You should be sued for harassment.

  3. Regret - May 26, 2017

    Out of curiosity, I tried to find info about Daniel Rapaport. There appears to be a programmer in Ontario, California that seems to fit the information shared above (same phone number), but from his publicly available resume, it is not at all obvious why an apparently self-employed programmer asserts to be sending the letter “on behalf of Steffan Dalsgaard.” This Daniel Rapaport’s website ( does share this tidbit, under “Investment Opportunities,” “…We would also like to eventually put on the Stock Exchange (sic) and corresponding (sic) have a board of directors with stock shares (sic). Anyone investing in such efforts would most definitely have a substantial percentage of profits.” So he’s got that going for him :).

  4. Trent - May 26, 2017

    So this Daniel dude isn’t even a lawyer and is threatening you “on behalf of Steffan”?


    Joe’s right. People and corporations who threaten others with groundless lawsuits should be heavily penalized for doing so. It can be the equivalent of a sucker-punch assault to one’s emotional well-being to be threatened like that. The punishment should fit the size of their pockets too.

  5. Jeanne L. Price - May 27, 2017


    Looks like he wants the right to be forgotten and is fighting the battle on US soil starting with you. I love your response. Keep fighting for all of us.

    Jeanne Price

  6. George - June 2, 2017

    This is a robo-letter, nothing more. It basically means, “If you don’t do what I want, I might do something!” with no reference to their ability or the merits of their position. It’s basically a troll. The other sources you mention probably got one, too, (including the claims that it’s “only you”).

  7. George - June 2, 2017

    PS, my in-house counsel is cuter than your in-house counsel.

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