Another intriguing development concerning Tiversa, Inc.

No, this site isn’t turning into a gossip rag. At least, I hope it’s not, but….

As I reported last week, Tiversa appeared to have been raided on March 3. Tiversa gave me a “no comment” when I asked them to confirm or deny that, and I’ve still gotten no response from Robert Boback, which in and of itself is suggestive, as he has always responded to give me statements. ACM, one of their investors, did not reply to multiple email inquiries.

“But wait…. there’s more!” as the commercial always said. At this point, I have an unconfirmed report that Boback was either fired or resigned within 36 hours after the incident that appeared to be the raid. Other top people also reportedly left in a hurry, but I haven’t gotten any confirmation of any of this, although the source, someone with knowledge of the controversy, is usually reliable. [Update/Note: an anonymous commenter, below, claims that Boback was placed on leave, and that others left, but not because of the warrant. This would be so much easier if someone would ya know, actually go on the record…. ]

What I can report with confirmation is that Tiversa has now filed to discontinue its involvement in the defamation lawsuit against LabMD, Michael Daugherty, and Richard Wallace.  Related to that, Reed Smith is no longer representing Robert Boback in that action, and Clark Hill PLC are stepping in as his lawyers in that action.

So why did Tiversa step away from the suit? Is it because they now wonder whether maybe everything Daugherty and Wallace have claimed is true, or at least protected, speech? Is it because they no longer particularly care about protecting Boback’s reputation?

Damn, this is like a soap opera. Some real facts would be good. Any whistleblowers or sources who care to contact me, you can reach me at [email protected]

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  1. Insider1 - March 11, 2016

    Soap opera? Try working for there. RB is place on leave. BTW, people left and were planning to leave before the warrant. They did NOT leave because of the warrant.

    • Dissent - March 11, 2016

      Any chance you could get in touch with me via email or Wickr? My OpenGPG key for email:

  2. insider1 - March 11, 2016

    wickr [redacted by Dissent]

    • Dissent - March 11, 2016

      I’m in Wickr now. Sent you a message.

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