Anthem Breach May Have Started in April 2014

Brian Krebs reports:

Analysis of open source information on the cybercriminal infrastructure likely used to siphon 80 million Social Security numbers and other sensitive data from health insurance giant Anthem suggests the attackers may have first gained a foothold in April 2014, nine months before the company says it discovered the intrusion.

Read his full article on, as in addition to the specifics relating to the Anthem breach, he also discusses the all-important topic of sharing threat information – commenting, at one point:

Also, it’s myopic for an industry information sharing and analysis center (ISAC) to decide not to share indicators of compromise with other industry ISACs, let alone its own members. This should not be a siloed effort. Somehow, we need to figure out a better — more timely way — to share threat intelligence and information across industries.


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