AntiSec dumps 860,000 Stratfor members’ details, including 75,000 credit card numbers

As expected,  hackers involved in the recent Stratfor hack have dumped everything other than the 200 GB of e-mails, which they are working on releasing after redaction.

In a statement posted on Pastebin tonite that links to mirror sites for the data dump, they write:

So now let’s talk… about cocks:
It’s time to dump the full 75,000 names, addresses, CCs and md5 hashed passwords to every customer that has ever paid Stratfor.
But that’s not all: we’re also dumping ~860,000 usernames, email addresses, and md5 hashed passwords for everyone who’s ever registered on Stratfor’s site.

As commenters on this blog have previously noted, there were a lot of expired credit card numbers still stored in their database. Why they had any, much less expired, credit card numbers will be for others to address when they get smacked down over lack of PCI-DSS compliance. For now, it is clear that a lot of people will need to cancel card numbers and change passwords. And a subset will also be dealing with fraudulent charges on their cards for donations to charities or for other fraudulent purposes.

But the hackers also promise more:

Is that it? 0h hell n0.

On New Years Eve, there will be “noise demonstrations” in front of jails and prisons all over the world to show solidarity with those incarcerated.
On this date, we will be launching our contributions to project mayhem by attacking multiple law enforcement targets from coast to coast.
That’s right: once again we bout to ride on the po po. Problem, officer? umad?

The hackers’ rationale or motives are somewhat confusing, at times referring to Bradley Manning and at other times talking about more global issues:

All our lives we have been robbed blindly and brutalized by corrupted politicians, establishmentarians and government agencies sex shops, and now it’s time to take it back.


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