AOA advises doctors and students to take action to protect their credit

Although the American Optometric Association (AOA) states that they have not had any data security breach, it appears that doctors and students are becoming victims of fraudulent activity, and AOA wants them to take action to protect themselves:

AOA is aware of reports that suggest cyberattackers have opened or attempted to open Chase credit accounts in doctors’ and students’ names with some receiving denial letters or approved cards. An immediate investigation into AOA’s own databases was conducted, and AOA confirms it is not the source of this potential data breach.

Barbara L. Horn, O.D., AOA secretary-treasurer, says members should feel assured that AOA employs stringent cybersecurity measures to protect personal information, and additionally, AOA neither gathers nor stores Social Security numbers.

Victims of this suspected data breach should call 888.247.4080 (the Amazon Rewards Chase card contact number) to check and see if they have been affected. They can connect with the Chase Fraud contact number, 877.470.9042, to ensure the application is canceled and reported as fraud.

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