Apple now asking app developers to provide sources of medical information

Tom Lewis reports:

Recently there have been signs Apple is taking the reliability and content of medical apps sold through the App Store more seriously.

iMedicalApps recently reported that medical apps containing drug dosages were being rejected from the App Store. Further information has now become available that suggests Apple is now looking to ensure the information contained in each medical app is appropriately validated.

It appears a number of developers have had requests to release or update medical apps rejected on the basis of incomplete metadata as per the screenshot below.

Read more on iMedicalApps.

There are some interesting comments under the article. One of them raises the question of whether Apple would have any liability if it uses this process. Another asks whether Apple is really capable of evaluating the sources of information app developers may provide for accuracy or validity. These are all interesting questions, and I think it’s great that someone is looking at the accuracy of medical information used to develop medical apps.  Hopefully, more will also be done to look at the privacy and security of those apps.

h/t, @PrivacyMatters

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