Applications Software Technology LLC notifies employees of W-2 data breach

Remember the “good old days” when we were most worried about phishing or BEC attacks to get employees’ W-2 data for tax refund fraud scams?  Have you seen any reports like that recently?  I just realized that I haven’t when I saw one in the news today.  Bill Toulas reports:

“AST LLC” has announced a data breach and is now sending notices to its employees to inform them that they have been compromised. The incident occurred on March 9, 2020, when someone managed to access employee payroll information by using a previously compromised email employee address. In fact, the infiltrator set up rules that diverted the messages received by the employee to the hacker’s address, so the realization of the breach wasn’t immediate. The information that was accessed by the unknown party involves the employees’ 2019 W-2 wage and tax statements.

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