APT28 hack will cost French broadcaster TV5Monde €15 million

So first they thought it was CyberCaliphate who was responsible for the TV5Monde hack that was disclosed in April. Then they said it was Russia’s APT28 group. Regardless of who it was, the hack was costly, as I noted here last week.

Neil Ford reports:


Yves Bigot, the network’s director general, was quoted by France Info last week as saying that TV5Monde still can’t reconnect to the Internet and won’t be able to do so until French agency ANSSI (L’Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information) has completed its investigation into the incident and it has built a new, more secure, system.


The cost of the attack is estimated to be between €4,3 and €4,5 million in 2015, and €11 million over the next three years – a total of more than €15 million. It’s a huge sum, but M. Bigot says he hopes TV5Monde will be in the 10% of organisations that manage to survive such incidents.

Read more on ITGovernanceEU.

I’m not sure where M. Bigot is getting that figure that (only) 10% of organizations manage to survive such incidents. Those of us who track breaches here have often noted how rare it is for a company to actually fold strictly as a result of a breach.

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