Ar: Aceitera General Dehezas discloses ransomware attack

Argentinian agribusiness Aceitera General Deheza (AGD) was attacked on August 10. According to a statement the business made, the attackers asked for money to recover the data.

The company issued the following statement to Region Del Mani:

“Our company has detected an intrusion in its computer systems. It is for this reason that security protocols were activated, in order to carry out an exhaustive analysis of the situation and the corresponding reports were made.”

“We are not going to pay anything at all,” AGD President Roberto Urquía told journalists, explaining that none of the data had been “kidnapped” and they would be able to recover all data from backup systems. He anticipated that 90% of the system would be recovered by Tuesday.

The firm did not have to stop production while responding to the incident.

According to Cba24, AGD filed a legal complaint, “taking into account that, in addition to the attack suffered, she was forced to fail to comply with some national and provincial forms, for which she received the corresponding authorization.”

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