AR: Discarded documents lead to worries

Mary Kincy Benefield reports:

Aaron Janus of Russellville completed a Western Union transaction in 2007. The Boston Mountain Copper Company — which receives its mail at a post office box — contracted with Entergy for its electricity in August 2004. And the fee to send an international money order from the Four Seasons Market in Russellville to a third party appears to have been variable, based on the amount of the transaction, in 2005.

Documentation providing such information was discovered by Courier staffers behind a building located at the 3300 block of West Main Place on Friday after a tip regarding the situation was phoned in to The Courier’s office.

At the site, spilling from a pallet onto the ground were hundreds of utility bill stubs, Western Union receipts and other documents that contained information including names, addresses, account numbers, telephone numbers and, in some cases, driver’s license numbers and birth dates.


Kristin Kelly, a spokesperson for Western Union’s corporate affairs department, said Monday the company itself was “very concerned” about the disposal of such “sensitive information.”
“It is in our contract with this agent that they were to shred all those documents before they closed down,” she said. “We’re not exactly sure why that procedure was not followed.”

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