AR: Tontitown Website Hacked; Computers Filled With Viruses

KFSM reports:

A significant portion of Tontitown’s city computers have been shut down, after a series of viruses and hacks completely jammed computers.

According to Mayor Paul Colvin, the viruses have severely slowed down computers within several city departments, including the water and police departments.

Police Chief Joey McCormick said the city has been hacked several times since December 2015.

“The website here had been hacked by a foreign county. We don’t know by who, or where it is. But, it has been three different times,” McCormick said.

Read more on KSFM. No personal information has reportedly been compromised, but one has to wonder if the city has been hacked “several times” in the past two months what the heck the city had in the way of security and what it’s doing.

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