AR: Total Life Healthcare data breached in ‘ransomware attack’

Region 8 reports:

Participants’ data of St. Bernards Total Life Healthcare, Inc. was breached by a ransomware attack, according to a media release from HIPAA Privacy Officer Daya S. Shipman.

PeakTPA, a healthcare management services provider, notified TLH on Jan. 23 of a breach on or about December 28, 2020.

Read more on KAIT8.

PeakTPA had reported what is likely this same incident to HHS on March 2 as impacting 50,000 patients, but it is not clear whether they were reporting the total for all of their clients’ patients or if they were only reporting for one or some covered entities. sent an inquiry to PeakTPA to ask for clarification on that and to ask what kind of ransomware was involved.  This post will be updated when a reply is received.

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