Arrest made in Ecuador’s massive data breach

How many times have you wanted to see someone charged criminally for negligence or leaving data exposed?  Well, here you go…. Catalin Cimpanu reports:

Ecuadorian authorities have arrested the executive of a data analytics firm after his company left the personal records of most of Ecuador’s population exposed online on an internet server.

The arrest is part of an official investigation that Ecuadorian officials got underway after ZDNet and vpnMentor published articles yesterday, exposing the massive breach, the biggest in the country’s history.

According to our reporting, a local data analytics company named Novaestrat left an Elasticsearch server exposed online without a password, allowing anyone to access its data.

But it sounds like the executive was not arrested for the error that led to the leak but because the company should not have been in possession of some of the data at all.

There’s a lot more to find out about this one, and Catalin Cimpanu is doing a great job of keeping us updated on this one. Read more of this latest report on ZDNet.

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