Arrow Electronics notifies 4,044 employees of stolen laptop

The theft of a laptop from the office of Arrow Electronics in Melville, New York has resulted in the company notifying  4,044 current and former employees that their personal information was on the laptop.

According to a notification sent to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office and to those affected last week,  the laptop was stolen during a break-in on February 18.   Personal information on the laptop included names, addresses, telephone numbers,  and for some of those who used company Blackberry, wireless AirCard and calling card services, their Social Security numbers, some credit card information such as last four digits, security code, and expiration date. Some of the credit cards were corporate credit cards, while others were personal credit cards.

The firm arranged for services with Kroll and provided those affected with both numbers at Kroll and at Arrow Electronics to call.

[correction: the number of employees affected and notified was 4,044 and not 4,004 as previously reported]

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