Artsy Alerts Users of Data-Security Breach; Report Claims Hacked Information for Sale

Alex Greenberg reports:

In an email sent to its users on Wednesday evening, the chief technology officer of Artsy—an online platform that offers views into the art world as well as works for sale for prices between “$100 to over $1,000,000,” as its website states—alerted users to “a data security incident that may have impacted your Artsy account data.” The notice, signed by Artsy chief technology officer Daniel Doubrovkine, said the company believed that users’ names, emails, and IP addresses may have been among the data stolen.

“We have no evidence that commercial or financial information was involved, and to date we have not received reports from Artsy users of actual or attempted fraud as a result of this incident,” the alert stated. In the interest of “an over-abundance of caution,” it advised users to change their passwords on Artsy as well as other sites that might share similar passwords, while stating that the site stores only password hashes (a type of incryption used for protection).

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