As predicted, big jump in RDP attacks as hackers target staff working from home

When everyone started working from home, one of the first predictions was that there would be more breaches related to the use of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). RDP is used by vendors or business associates to connect to their clients’ systems. As such, it’s a valuable tool, but left enabled instead of disabled, it provides an open door to a victim. Login credentials to RDP have often been sold on dark web forums and marketplaces and RDP continues to be one of the primary methods ransomware threat actors exploit to gain access to a victim’s network.

Unsurprisingly, then, Danny Palmer reports that “according to researchers at cyberscurity company ESET, that ease has led to a 768% growth in Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) attacks over the course of 2020. In total, ESET detected 29 billion attempted RDP attacks across the year, as cyber criminals attempt to exploit remote workers.”

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