As threatened, Rex Mundi dumps Labio patients’ diagnostic test results

As they had threatened to do if Labio did not pay them €20,000, the hacker collective known as Rex Mundi has started dumping/disclosing identifiable patient data. The dump was announced on Twitter by the @RexMundi2015 account. confirmed that the records appear to be the results of lab tests performed on patients whose names, dates of birth, referring doctor, and test results are now publicly exposed.

As of the time of this posting, there is still no mention of the incident on Labio’s web site, and the firm has not yet responded to an inquiry from earlier today as to whether they have notified affected patients or intend to notify them.

Labio joins 16 other firms who have had their client or patient data revealed after refusing to pay Rex Mundi’s extortion demands. So far, none of the firms appear to be U.S. – based.

When asked what percent of firms do pay them, a spokesperson for Rex Mundi informed that over 50% of the entities they have hacked have paid the demanded monies to keep the hack quiet and to avoid having their clients’, employees’, or patients’ personal information publicly dumped.

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