Ashley Madison search sites like Trustify are harvesting email addresses and spamming searched victims

Troy Hunt writes:

To date, I’ve avoided commenting on the other Ashley Madison search services and have invested my efforts purely in keeping Have I been pwned? (HIBP) ticking along. I’ve seen them come and indeed I’ve seen some of them go too. I’ve seen many that enable you to get confirmation about the presence of an email in Ashley Madison, others that return everything about the user. Publicly. To anyone.

But something I saw today struck a very different chord with me, something that I found to be truly outlandish. Let’s try an exercise; have a careful look at this page and read through all the information on it:


I had expressed concerns about Trustify’s site last week on Twitter – that they appeared to be processing information and trying to monetize the dumped Ashley Madison databases in ways that may be covered by their TOS and Terms & Conditions, but that I found concerning.

Read Troy’s post, and see what you think.

In response to Troy’s post, Trustify tweeted:

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