Asus Websites hacked

apservice-asus_-com-hacked-by-hmei7 Well once again Asus has become victim to weak security and hackers who have left a extra file on the site with a message telling them they have been hacked. ITs not the first time Asus has been hacked and left with a defacement and im sure it wont be the last time as the higher profile company’s tend to be high targets for people wishing to improve skills or prove points that they have not upgraded the security. The most recent hack has left a file named, x.html with a defacement page so its not really a true defacement but more so a message for the admins to let them know they have been hacked. The two websites are and which are just sub domains of the main Asus website. Common message on the site.

ASUS got hacked !!! be secure, your security get down hacked by Hmei7 and H4x0rL1f3

the attacks come from a hacker going by the handle Hmei7 who has a total of over 70,000 defacements on Zone-h, see here.

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