AT: AnonAustria releases data from the Austrian Economy Chamber

The Austrian Economy Chamber (WKO) has become the latest victim of a hacking attack.

WKO confirmed yesterday evening (Tues) that its webserver was infiltrated by unidentified cyber criminals. More than 6,000 data sets of customers of the chamber were published on the internet. Most of the records contain information about clients of WKO’s real estate management section. WKO claimed no “sensitive” data had been nicked, explaining that postal and e-mail address records were affected. The chamber asked the Federal Crime Office (BK) to investigate.

Anonymous Austria, the domestic branch of an internationally operating network of hackers, stressed yesterday they had not carried out the attack on WKO themselves. The group explained they had been provided with the records by someone else, adding that the security leak was exposed by using online search engine Google.

Read more on Austrian Independent.

I’m not sure why the Austrian Independent considers this a hacking attack or why their headline proclaimed a hack. It sounds like WKO had inadequate security and someone downloaded a file they meant to keep secured and that WKO may be trying to paint themselves as victims rather than say that they left a door open to anyone who wanted to wander in….?

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