AT: Cyber ​​attack causes chaos in the Braunau town hall

Mario Zeko reports (translation):

“The IT servers of the municipality of Braunau am Inn were the target of a hacker attack,” confirmed Mayor Johannes Waidbacher (ÖVP) and city office director Andreas Reiter of the “Krone” yesterday. Who is behind the attack is just as unclear as the details of the crime. “The responsible authorities were informed about the incident immediately,” Waidbacher hopes for a quick clarification.

Because the hackers have encrypted all data on the server. The perpetrators did not respond to demands for their decryption. “It cannot be ruled out that personal data has reached third parties,” says the city office. Waidbacher guarantees that the data will continue to be available to the office through ongoing backup copies.

Read more on Kronen Zeitung.

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