At least 2m personal data sets feared leaked in Japan: survey

A Kyodo News survey of Japanese businesses found that at least 2.07 million data sets with personal information were leaked or suspected of leaking from 140 entities in Japan. The results were reported in the Bangkok Post:

Of the 140, 75 organisations said they noticed they had been attacked only after police or another outside body alerted them. The 140 consists of 69 private companies, 49 government agencies and their affiliates, and 22 universities.

Among the remaining 65 organisations, 40 said they realised on their own they had been under cyberattacks.

Last year, this blog covered one of the biggest incidents in Japan involving the Japan Pension Service. That one accounted for over half of the 2.07 million. This site also covered the incident involving Waseda University. But Kyodo News also reports other incidents that I don’t recall seeing before:

  • Printing company and website producer Seki Co responded that up to 267,000 credit card and other data sets may have been leaked from a server that operates and manages websites of 17 companies.
  • Confectionary company Chateraise Co responded that some 210,000 personal data sets were possibly leaked.
  • Model manufacturer Tamiya Inc said 107,000 data sets may have been leaked.
  • Petroleum Association of Japan, the University of Tokyo and trading house Itochu Corp suffered targeted attacks via e-mail messages to which virus-infected files were attached.

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