At least 480,000 Brit bank customers told to change pins Monzo discovers data storage error

Brinkwire reports:

ONLINE banking company Monzo has advised 450,000 of its British customers to change their pins following a major security breach.

Almost half a million customers affected by the security breach have been told to change their pins after sensitive information was exposed to unauthorised staff.

Read more on Brinkwire.   I think Monzo might really disagree with some of Brinkwire’s characterization of the incident as a “major security breach.” You can read Monzo’s full statement on their site at  Yes, some Monzo employees who shouldn’t have had access to PINS did have access to PINS, but Monzo reports:

No one outside Monzo had access to these PINs. We’ve checked all the accounts that have been affected by this bug thoroughly, and confirmed the information hasn’t been used to commit fraud.

Just in case, we’ve messaged everyone that’s been affected to let them know they should change their PIN by going to a cash machine.

Read the full notice and make up your own mind. Was Monzo trying to minimize something serious or is Brinkwire hyping this a bit much?

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