Feb 072015

Yes, it was less than 24 hours before the first potential class action was filed. Here are four potential class action lawsuits we know about already:

Indy law firm files lawsuit on behalf of Anthem customers (Plaintiff: Karen Meadows)

Anthem Sued Over Large Data Breach by California Consumer (Plaintiff: Susan Morris)

Anthem’s big data breach is already sparking lawsuits (Alabama lawsuit plaintiff: Danny Juliano)

Georgians sue Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia over data breach (Plaintiffs: Joseph D’Angelo III, Shawn P. Haggerty, Charity L. Latimer, Kurt J. McLaughlin, Tamara Nedlouf and John A. Thomas II; copy of lawsuit here).

It doesn’t seem to matter that Anthem hasn’t yet notified members whose data were involved in the breach. As of the time of filing, these plaintiffs likely do not yet have confirmation that their data was even caught up in the incident.

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