AT: Nah&Frisch Wieser Türnitz hit by ransomware attack

Gila Wohlmann reports (translation):

“Due to cyberattacks and blackmail, we will probably be closed from Wednesday, April 7th.” This note has been hanging on Georg Wieser’s Türnitzer “Nah & Frisch” market for the past few days.

“We just wanted to inform our customers, the EDP is now taking care of rectification,” he confirms the incident to NÖN. Suddenly all files on the PC were encrypted. A blackmail message followed. But in what form he does not want to announce. It was only important to him to inform the customer that there would be no normal operation on Wednesday. Of course, the entrepreneur immediately reported the cyber attack. Fortunately, he had not faced an incident like this in the past.


h/t, @Chum1ng0

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