AT&T VOIP Service Hacked, Data leaked for #WikiBoatWednesday‬ by @Zer0Pwn

AT&T has yet again become victim to insecure content and hackers who have found it. The attack which is on the VOIP based website for AT&T has resulted in 6 administration account credentials being leaked online. The leak was announced via @Zer0Pwn twitter account and the leaked data was uploaded the their pastebin account.

Zer0Pwn ‏@Zer0Pwn AT&T VoIP Users Hacked: ‪#WikiBoatWednesday‬ @TheWikiBoat @AnonOpUK @AnonyOps@Anon_Central @YourAnonNews @AnonymousWiki

The leak contains a Short message and usernames/emails and passwords of admins.

Hello everyone. In this dump for #WikiBoatWednesday, I got into an AT&T Database. The database is from a pretty old subdomain, but it has some decent information in the accounts. So I hope you guys enjoy. Keep in mind, you can login here: Alright, here we go…

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