Attackers walk with 4.9 million customer records in Honda breach

Steve Ragan reports:

Is Honda the latest victim of the Silverpop data breach? According to reports, American Honda Motor Company recently discovered that 2.2 million customers were impacted by a data breach exposing the Owner Link email list maintained by an outsourced vendor. In addition, a further 2.7 million records were lost when the My Acura list was hit.

In a letter to customers, American Honda Motor Company said it recently became aware of “unauthorized access to an email list used by a vendor to create a welcome email to customers who have an Owner Link or My Acura vehicle account.”

The Owner Link email list contained 2.2 million records, including customer names, email addresses, user names, and Vehicle Identification Numbers. The compromised My Acura list, 2.7 million records strong, only contained email addresses.

Read more in the Tech Herald.

I fear that this will be like the Colt Express breach of 2008, where affected entities leaked out one at a time.  If the reports in The Register were correct, there are probably many more entities who may have been affected.

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