Attacks on Israel Creating Major Financial loss from #OpIsrael v2

Over the past 24 hours there has been an ongoing slaughter against any Israeli based websites, servers or services online by hundreds of different people. The attacks have ranged from simple web hive based ddos attacks to mass defacements and full database leaks leaving personal credentials published but one of the more interesting side effects of all this is the fact that the Israeli based stock exchange has seen a huge decrease over this same period leaving one to think that these cyber attacks are having a bigger effect. Web site which is a stock exchange information site shows the current charts below which have a massive decrease. tase-site-homepage So far its really to early to say exactly how much these figures are or when this will end or if they will roll back from it but either way we can be sure these cyber attacks are going to be remembered and go down in history as some of the largest all out attacks on a single government or country by hackers from all different collectives and countries. More to come as the day goes on and i get threw the massive amount of stuff that has been happening, if this stock exchange situation changes there will be further updates to come with more details.

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