Attorneys General Probe into eBay Security Breach Continues

Kenneth Corbin reports that the investigation by more than 10 states’ attorneys general into the eBay breach disclosed in May continues.

In a statement to ECommerceBytes,  Connecticut Assistant Attorney General Matt Fitzsimmons said  the attorneys general are looking into the specific circumstances surrounding the breach, as well as the general safeguards eBay has in place to protect against intrusions into its systems and shield its users’ information.  He was quick to point out that this doesn’t mean eBay’s security was deficient in any way.

Fitzsimmons stressed that the investigation is only in its early stages, and declined to answer specific questions about the preliminary findings or if there are any indications of criminal or negligent activity that could lead to a settlement with the AGs’ offices or a legal action against eBay.

However, he did indicate that the investigation has so far supported eBay’s initial assurance that users’ financial information did not appear to have been jeopardized in the breach, likely obviating the need for the company to provide users with protective services like free credit monitoring.

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