AU: Breach sees abusive dad given address to his kids

It’s these “small breaches” that are often the most worrisome, as I’ve said ad nauseum for a decade. Here’s a case where an agency screws up, and their incident response is appalling – and dare I say, negligent.

Yahoo7 reports:

A violent father barred from seeing his children has been handed their new address in a major security breach by Victoria’s child protection agency.

Despite the safety error, the foster carers’ request for financial assistance to move into a new rental has been denied by the Department of Health and Human Services.

“The department does not agree to cover the cost of relocation should you move from your current residential address in the event [the father] attended your home,” a DHHS senior staffer wrote in leaked documents.

“In the event [he] attends your current residential address, the department will investigate the matter and take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of the children and yourselves.”

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Okay, that’s not a risk they should be taking. The father’s current behavior provides sufficient evidence that he is looking for these kids. Security cameras and floodlighting – the agency’s current offer in lieu of relocation – will record any assault. They will not prevent one, though.

The department should immediately provide all assistance – financial and otherwise – to help this family relocate.

I cannot imagine the fear that mother – and those kids, if they know – must be living with right now. Get your act together, Victoria Department of Health and Human Services

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