AU: Cyber attacks: pharmacies, patient records targeted 'ransomware' attacks

Jake Sturmer and Alison McClymont report:

Pharmacists have become the latest targets of sophisticated computer hacks known as ransomware attacks, which lock up PCs until victims pay up.

Once the hackers plant the virus, the files on a computer become encrypted and unable to be accessed.

Victims have a set amount of time to pay up before the files are wiped.

As pharmacists go digital with health records they are becoming bigger targets and the Pharmacy Board of Australia has issued a warning about the threat.

At least 10 pharmacists have been targeted in the last 18 months.

Read more on ABC (AU).

My impression is that we’re hearing about this more in the AU than in the U.S. Are U.S. pharmacies also being hit this way but we’re just not hearing about it, or is something else going on? In any event, it’s a timely reminder on the need for frequent backups.

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