AU: Fat thumbs expose MP’s e-mail and calendars

Alana Schetzer reports that members of Australia’s Parliament got a lesson in using Outlook after what some thought was a “security breach” exposing members’ email and calendars turned out to be self-inflicted harm from user error:

Department of Parliamentary Service acting secretary Russell Grove said there was no evidence of hacking and that the issue only affected a small number of member’s computers. He said the email service allows users to nominate access to multiple users and that is what he believes occurred.

“People need to be careful and read the instructions and this is why it occurred. It’s not a system-wide issue,” he said.

The DPS sent out instructions to all 5000 users of the parliamentary computer system on Friday, informing them how to use the Outlook email and calendar system, including how to invite or remove access to third parties.

Read more on The Sydney Morning Herald.

Just to be clear: these are the same folks who make Australia’s laws about cybersecurity and privacy, right?

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