AU: Flinders Medical Centre health staff caught snooping in Cy Walsh’s medical records

Nick Toscano reports:

More than a dozen unauthorised medical staff have been caught accessing the confidential records of Cy Walsh after he was arrested over the murder of his father, former Adelaide Crows coach Phil Walsh.

His electronic records, including test results that could relate to the criminal trial, have been accessed by at least 13 health workers across South Australia in what authorities have called a serious privacy breach.

Read more on Sydney Morning Herald.

Did they not have any “break the glass” controls on his records? I hope AU media starts asking them some tougher questions about their access controls. Toscano also reports that SA Health “has slapped formal warnings on the staff who viewed Mr Walsh’s records despite having no involvement in his care.”

Just formal warnings? Why haven’t they been fired?

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  1. Anonymous - February 23, 2016

    this is beyond reproach….. the people accessing these records should be dismissed immediately.
    what good would counselling do them…… did not they think of the family at all.? all the sadness stress Meridith Walsh and family has had to go through and now this….. just nosing into other people’s personal business is disgusting…. SACK the lot of them… here is your chance Jack Snelling – do your job.

  2. Anonymous - February 24, 2016

    My ex works there and has been snooping personal files for many years… They should be sacked!

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