AU: Melbourne hacker admits to encouraging Indonesian hackers to DDoS Australian government websites

Steve Butcher reports that Mathew John Hutchison, age 21, pleaded guilty to charges of inciting others to commit an offense and to possessing a prohibited weapon.

Hutchison’s criminal charges resulted from his engagement with Indonesian hackers who were attacking Australian sites in retaliation for revelations in documents leaked by Edward Snowden that Australia had spied on Indonesia. Hutchison attempted to get the Indonesian hackers to redirect their DDoS attacks from small businesses to government agencies. As Butcher reports, in a video he uploaded,

Hutchison said that “we are all bound together in an effort to being down our tyrant governments to shape our world as a better place”. It continued: “We bid you, as fellow brother to focus on your main target – government and spy agencies.”

Over the next 10 days, according to the summary, Hutchison incited others to cause the impairment of electronic communication to ASIO and other government websites.

Hutchison was released on bail and his next court appearance will be June 4.

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