Au: NSW Health confirms data breached due to Accellion breach

Asha Barbaschow reports:

“Following the NSW government’s advice earlier this year around a world-wide cyber attack that included NSW government agencies, NSW Health is notifying people whose data may have been accessed in the global Accellion cyber attack,” it said in a statement.

The state entity said medical records in public hospitals were not affected and the software involved is no longer in use by NSW Health.

“Different types of information, including identity information and in some cases, health-related personal information, were included in the attack,” it added.

Read more on ZDNet.

They are first making notifications now? Wow. I’m sure this was a labor-intensive investigation, but when you think that the attacks were in December and January, and the files have been in criminals’ hands since then, that’s many months during which data could be misused or sold before people are being notified.

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