AU: Optometrists and dentists will know if you’ve had an abortion or mental illness in health record bungle

Gah. Soooo many leaks and breaches are due to default settings that over-share. How hard is it for software to set default settings to NOT share with everyone? C’mon, folks. 

Sue Dunlevy reports:

THE private health records of Australians can be accessed by more than half a million people under the latest bungle with the $2.2 billion electronic My Health Record.

News Corp Australia has learned that the privacy settings on the government’s computerised My Health Record, which lists every medicine a patient takes and records every medical visit and procedure, are automatically set on “universal access”.

This means every registered health practitioner in the nation — 650,000 people — can view them, not just the family GP, unless the patient specifically requested to opt out.

Read more on The Daily Telegraph.

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