AU: Police hacker avoids jail

Nicole Cox reports:

A disgruntled computer hacker who attempted to bring down the entire WA Police computer system by flooding the Police Commissioner’s inbox with thousands of emails has walked free from court with a suspended sentence.

On Friday, the Perth District Court heard that Adam William Bogers, 25, mounted the bizarre virtual attack in February 2008, aggrieved that detectives had refused to return his computer which was seized a year earlier during a separate police investigation.

The court heard that Bogers used a Canadian website called Pastebin, accessed on a computer he was allegedly repairing and through an employee internet cafe at Telstra where he worked, to create documents used in the premeditated spam attacks.

Well, the headline is misleading as he didn’t hack any police accounts — he just flooded them with email, some of which told them to return his computer, etc.

Read more on Perth Now. I suspect that if this had happened in the U.S., he wouldn’t have gotten off with a suspended sentence. What do you think would have been the outcome here?

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