AU: Private details leaked after travel insurance company hacked

PM reports on another hack by “Abdilo,”

The computer systems and database of one of the country’s largest travel insurance companies has been hacked, and parts of its customer database posted online.

Aussie Travel Cover, a privately owned New South Wales based business has known about the hack since before Christmas, but opted not to tell insurance policy-holders.


On the 18th December last year, travel insurance provider Aussie Travel Cover was made aware that its computer system had been hacked.

The hacker stole a large amount of personal information, including names, phone numbers, email addresses, travel dates, and how much policies cost.

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The hack appears to be another hack by “Abdilo,” mentioned recently in the Metropolitan State University hack. Abdilo claimed to have hacked dozens of entities. Evidence of the Aussie Travel Cover hack was posted on Pastebin on January 17.

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