AU: Sydney University ‘lost’ computer containing sensitive student information

Michaela Whitbourn reports:

The University of Sydney has admitted it “lost” a notebook computer containing sensitive information about students using disability support services, in a major privacy breach that has shocked and angered students.

As the Baird government is urged to tackle privacy law reform, the university warned on Friday it could not “absolutely guarantee the security” of a confidential database containing students’ names, dates of birth, contact details and disability diagnoses.

A notebook computer containing the Disability Assist Database was “lost in transit” on Monday night, students were told in an email.

While the computer was password protected, it was “possible that the database could be inappropriately and unlawfully accessed”.

Read more on Sydney Morning Herald.

What does “lost in transit” mean here? Did someone leave it on a bus or transport, was it lost in the mail, or was it stolen from an unattended vehicle, or….?

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