AU: Telstra privacy breach leaves customer’s voicemail exposed

Hannah Francis reports:

When it was time to upgrade to the latest iPhone, Richard Thornton did what he had done many times before.

He wiped his old iPhone 5 with a factory reset, removed the SIM card, and sold the device second hand to a private buyer.

And then something “scary” happened. The buyer of the iPhone 5 contacted Mr Thornton to tell him he was receiving his personal Telstra voicemail messages.

“They told me, ‘One of your mates called about a gig you were doing for New Year’s Eve,” Mr Thornton, a Melbourne-based IT professional and musician, told Fairfax.

The new phone owner (also a Telstra customer, who wishes to remain anonymous), explained to Mr Thornton that when the iPhone 5 was powered off and then on again, it downloaded Mr Thornton’s voicemail messages to the phone’s inbuilt visual voicemail app, where he could then browse and listen to them in full.

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